Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oceans of Comfort

Perched on a rock, I sit just out of reach
Of the frothy waves as they crash on the beach
I take from the ocean, he wants nothing of me
He speaks to my soul, restoratively

His waves are a whisper, "All will be fine."
I eagerly listen, searching for signs
He reaches his hands to caress my face
And my pain finds some comfort in his swirling embrace

"Give me all your worries, give them to me."
He coaxes them from me, so tenderly
For a moment, I hesitate, in my misery I linger
"Let go, let go," the waves call to my fingers

I hold out my bundle wrapped tightly in fear
And gently he takes it; all I hold dear
He sets it down, by a wave it is cradled
"Don't worry, I'll watch it until you are able."

My bundle is safe, by the sea it is lulled
And my heart soars free on the wings of a gull
Knowingly he says, "You'll be back very soon."
"'Til then take your comfort from my brother, the moon."

This poem was inspired by this prompt at Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop"Write a poem about your favourite place to be."


Maggie S. said...

wow...that is so wonderful.

Jennifer Hammitt said...

This is awesome. Thank for sharing your favorite place to be.

Kelly said...

Thanks Maggie.

Jennifer, thank you. After writing this, I am feeling a need to go to my favourite place.

waytenmom said...

LOVE IT!! This is really lovely.

Stephanie said...

WOW. This is like something you would read in English Lit. Very good. "He reaches his hands to caress my face
And my pain finds some comfort in his swirling embrace"

I like that you made the ocean masculine. I've always thought of it as feminine.

Jacki said...

Wow, okay I see that Stephanie already said that. But if it fits...
The ocean is such an amazing place and you captured its comfort so well.

Great job. Here from Mama Kat's

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by, waytenmom.

Stephanie, Thank you so much. The "swirling embrace" is meant to be the ocean breeze as an extension of the ocean because that is one of the things that I truly love about being there - the wind in my face. It didn't start out with the ocean as masculine. The poem just sort of evolved that way.

Jacki - Thank you. Yes, the ocean is my happy place.

Jessica said...

Beautiful poem. The ocean is a wonderful place.

Anne said...

Kelly.. what a wonderful poem. My favorite place is the ocean too! Love your references to the ocean like a person carressing and then saying to take comfort in his brother the moon. Very inspirational!!!

Karen said...

Kelly my friend, what a talent you have. Your words evoke such feeling and knowing me as you do, you know too, that as I read your poem it brought tears to my eyes. Simply beautiful!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

hi visiting from TRDC weekend linkup, really lovely poem xx love the line about the moon x

Ixy said...

So peaceful - perfect picture for the words.

Anonymous said...

this is beautifully written. I love it. :)
found you through ftlob btw.

Kelly said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments.