Monday, December 5, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

I am linking up with Stasha over at The Good Life where every week she has a suggestion for a different list.  And because I LOVE lists I thought that I would join in.

"next week make a Christmas wish list please. The only rule, it must be for YOU. We are all making someone else happy and that is all swell, but let us write down what WE want. May it be world peace or a new pair of stilettos, pop it on YOUR list." 

1.  Some peaceful moments to write in my red chair by the fireplace.

2.  Chocolate, please.  Specifically?  Lindt milk chocolate truffles

3.   A Kindle - I don't think that I would ever want to completely replace the written word but I love the idea of never being without something to read...and look at the funky cover on this one!

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

4.  Word Refrigerator Magnets - These look like a lot of fun...except I would need a new fridge as well because they wouldn't stick to my stainless one.

5.  A new scarf - I love to wear scarves.  They are my grown up security blanket.  Cozy.

6.  A quiet moment by the fire with my husband and a bottle of chewy red wine.  These seem to be few and far between these days.

7.  A Flash Mob - I would love to be surprised and amazed by spontaneous singing.  Can someone please arrange one of these for me?  Thanks.

8. A musical movie marathon - Sound of Music, Beaches, Mama Mia...

9.  More replenishing moments like this and like this with my soul sisters of the Starfish Club.

 10.  Peace in my world and freedom from this anxiety that has me in its grip.  Just let go.

Source: via Mel on Pinterest


Stasha said...

You wishes are lovely and I hope they come true. You are the second person to hope for a flashmob :) I like the pretty things on your list. And we have a chair like that from IKEA, it is so cozy without braking a bank.

Ado said...

I swooped over to read your post because I'm so glad someone was later to this week's Listicles party than me! (-:
This is a great list and I agree with the Xmas movie marathon, especially Mama Mia - I love that one. (-:
Hope you get all of 'em!

AudreyN said...

Ah I love your list! And I would totally join your musical marathon... Can we please watch Guys and Dolls... One of my favorites!